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Surgery plays a pivotal role in the management of most solid cancers. While surgery alone is adequate for early cancers, most advanced tumors require multimodal treatment. The department of Surgical Oncology has dedicated surgical specialists for the management of cancers of the head and neck, breast, thorax, gastro-intestinal tract, female reproductive system, bone and soft tissue, and genitor-urinary tract. These teams of specialists are complemented by a reconstructive surgeon (for complex reconstruction including micro-vascular free flaps after ablative surgery for oral and other cancers), radiologists for accurate imaging with the latest machines, onco-pathologists for tissue diagnosis and staging, intensivists, and other medical and rehabilitation specialists of the hospital.

Robotic or Robot-Assisted Surgery integrates advanced technology with the surgeon’s expertise. The surgeon gets a 10x magnified, high-definition 3D-image of the body’s intricate anatomy and uses the console to handle special surgical instruments that are smaller, more flexible, and more manoeuvrable than the human hand. The robot replicates the surgeon’s hand movements while minimizing hand tremors. The specialist can thus operate with enhanced precision, dexterity, and control even during the most complex procedures.

The Department of Surgical Oncology provides sophisticated, innovative surgical procedures and compassionate cancer care. The surgical oncology team comprises surgical oncologists, nurses, surgical technicians, anesthesiologists, intensivists, and other cancer professionals who have diverse expertise in treating all types and stages of cancer and are committed to exploring every treatment option available to the patient.

The centre has:


The head and neck team has surgeons with vast experience in complex surgical procedures, including cranio-facial surgery, conservative laryngeal surgery, and voice rehabilitation procedures after laryngectomy.

For diseases of the breast, we have a dedicated surgeon who specializes in conservative breast surgery, oncoplastic surgery, and breast reconstructive surgery.

The uro-oncosurgeons have vast experience in complex surgical procedures and have performed a large number of minimally invasive procedures for the management of tumors of the kidney, bladder, and prostate.

The thoracic oncosurgeons are experienced in treating cancers of the lung, esophagus, mediastinum, and pleura. Cancers of the female reproductive system are managed by a dedicated gynaec-onco surgeon.

Orthopedic oncosurgeons are specialized in limb salvage surgeries and the rehabilitation of the patient after extensive limb surgeries.