Nuclear Therapy

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Nuclear Therapy

Advanced Radionuclide Therapies

Radionuclide therapies are fast gaining importance in the management of several malignancies. Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute is glad to announce the initiation of a Radionuclide Therapy facility for all the patients who are unable to reach places for treatment but can easily find them within a radius of easy reach.

Advantages of Nuclear Therapy:

Following Radionuclide Therapies are available for Cancer Related problems:

  • Radioiodine Therapy
  • 177 Lu – DOTATATE
  • 177 Lu PSMA
  • ALPHA Therapy
  • 131 Iodine High Dose Therapy

Iodine-131 Therapy is an established modality for management of Thyroid Cancer. It has been used for well differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma both Papillary and Follicular types for 

177 Lutetium DOTATATE Therapy:

177Lu – DOTATATE  Therapy significantly improves outcomes in patients with Progressive Metastatic Neuroendocrine tumors. This therapy can be used in

177 Lutetium PSMA Therapy:

Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) is a Type || Transmembrane Protein expressed on cell surface and normally found in prostate gland, jejunum, salivary glands and kidneys. It is over expressed in Adeno Carcinoma of the Prostate. Targeted Therapy with 177 Lu PSMA is effective in controlling Metastatic Hormone Resistant Prostate Carcinoma.

Treatment of Benign Diseases:

Grave’s Disease / Autonomous Functioning Thyroid Nodule:

Radiosynovectomy for Inflammatory Joint Diseases:

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