Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute follows a strict code of conduct when it comes to handling issues of patient privacy and other related aspects. Our code of conduct lays out the various aspects of our performance and attitude towards our patients.

To practice the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards that are required for providing patient care.

Adhere to all rules and regulations that are laid down by the governing bodies, which include the Medical Council of India and other governing medical bodies.

To practice the highest professional standards in all aspects of our treatment and deliver the best patient experience possible. To emphasize and promote cancer awareness in all aspects of operation and provide the best patient education at all times. To act in an ethical and responsible manner in providing quality services for other support departments.

To ensure that every treatment aspect is carefully monitored and documented for the patient. This helps us maintain a standard treatment code for all patients. We refrain from using various types of resources of our hospital in a wasteful manner and utilize these resources to enhance the quality of patient care.
mgchri Code of conduct