An image of an mri machine in a hospital.

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Gating with Airway Breathing Co-ordinator (ABC)

One of the advanced radiation therapy technologies is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology that helps the patient hold her breath while she receives radiation therapy to keep the lungs filled with air to keep the heart away from the chest wall.

Every gray of radiation increases coronary events by 7.4%, which reduces survival rates. ABC helps to give maximum protection to the heart in patients with left-sided breast cancer by reducing mean hear done. Use of ABC device during Radiotherapy should be considered to reduce the risk of istemic heart disease in population at risk.

ABC immobilizes the tumors that move with respiration (i.e., the lungs, liver, and pancreas) and can be treated with lesser margins, ensuring lesser toxicity. It also enables dose escalation for SBRT techniques.