Support Services

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Support Services

We offer a wide range of support services which are available at our hospital for various types of services which we provide. Our support services provide various types of value additions for patients who require our wide range of support modules which are available at reasonable costs.

Laboratory Services Online

We provide a wide range of laboratory services that are available to patients. These lab services are designed to provide comprehensive procedures for patients at reasonable costs.

Dietary Services

Our dietary services are highly specialized and help us manage and cater to the needs of various patients who are admitted to our hospital. These dietary services are provided for patients by expert dieticians who manage and control the various aspects of the patient's diet.

Day Care Chemotherapy Services

We offer various types of daycare chemotherapy services that are available for our patients. These daycare chemotherapy services enable the management of various types of specialized daycare chemotherapy treatments, which last from morning to evening. These chemotherapeutic services are highly effective and help enhance the quality of patient treatment and care.

Pain Clinics

At MG Cancer Hospital, we have various pain clinics which are available for patients. These pain clinics help manage the various aspects of patient care and help patients manage their pain and reduce their risk during cancer treatment. Various types of patient care are provided in these pain clinics, and advanced therapies are used to reduce the pain in patients.

Palliative Care

We offer a wide range of palliative care services that are available to patients. These palliative care services are offered by highly specialized doctors who deliver the best patient treatment and care for various types of services. These palliative care services are very famous and are provided for all types of cancer.