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Plastic and Microvascular Reconstruction

Performed by our highly skilled plastic surgeons, microvascular surgery is a complex procedure that involves the use of an operating-room microscope and/or specialized instruments to reconnect tiny blood vessels and transfer tissue, or “free flaps,” to another area of the body.

Microvascular surgery often involves transfer of tissue from one area of a patient’s body to another in order to reconstruct a defect left by cancer. This kind of surgery may be required after the removal of oral cavity/breast/abdominal wall/limb cancers.

The primary oncosurgeon will remove the tumor, bone, and soft tissue. The reconstructive surgeon will take a free flap (block of skin, tissue, muscle, or bone) from the donor site and attach it to the recipient site. They will use a microscope or a surgical loupe to see and connect the tiny blood vessels in the free flap with the blood vessels at the recipient site. Very thin sutures (stitches) are used to join the blood vessels together. It is a tedious and demanding procedure that needs a skilled and experienced team.

The surgical team at Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute has the experience of performing many free flap reconstructions, helping in the rehabilitation and better functional recovery of our cancer patients.