CSR Policy

Vizag Hospital And Cancer Research Centre Private Limited CSR Policy

India is the second most populous nation and one of the fastest–growing major economies. The area which is often overlooked is health care, and to be more specific, cancer care. Among various diseases, cancer has become a big life threat. As per Indian population census data, the rate of mortality due to cancer in India was high and alarming, with about 806,000 existing cases by the end of the last century.

Cancer is the second most common disease in India, responsible for the highest mortality rate with about 0.3 million deaths per year. One million new cases are added every year, with the chance of the disease rising five-fold by 2025. As per the ‘Boston Consulting Group’ study, 70-80% of cancer patients are diagnosed late, when treatment is less efficient, and 60% of them do not have access to quality cancer treatment. The “Globocan” report shows that in India, cancers of the lungs and mouth in men and the cervix and breast in women are the biggest killers.

The major challenge India faces in delivering equitable, quality, and affordable cancer care to all is a huge challenge. High treatment costs and a lack of awareness are the main reasons why cancer care is out of reach for millions of Indians. If detected early, treatment is effective and cheaper.

Access to cancer detection technologies – quality pathology labs, imaging equipment, especially PET/CT or molecular imaging that can detect cancer at least 5years earlier than any other technology needs to be improved. The overall facilities vary widely from metropolitan cities to rural areas where 70% of population lives. Nearly 50% of patients present late for treatment and therefore appropriate education in prevention and early diagnosis are important factors.

Vizag Hospital and Cancer Research Centre Private Limited is a corporate entity committed to serving the people through the provision of health care, especially in the treatment of cancer. As a part of its social responsibility, the company undertakes a number of CSR activities in the larger interest of the community.  With this background, the company has constituted a CSR Committee for the implementation of CSR activities.

CSR Committee

CSR committee of Vizag Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Private Limited consists of the following directors

CSR Policy

To start with, the following activities are brought under the CSR policy of the company:

The company is energetically pursuing its CSR activities.  The company looks forward to widening the scope of its CSR activities over the years to improve its contribution to society. Providing free education to tribal people.