Cancer Awareness, Treatment & Advanced Therapies

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Cancer Awareness, Treatment & Advanced Therapies

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that everyone wants to stay away from at the same time it is preventable too. Due to its seriousness in advanced stages early detection is necessary in order to get cured. With the proper awareness you can stay alert and look for the symptoms for early warning signals & get screened for cancers as per the guidelines.

According to WHO, lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach, and liver cancer are the most common types of cancer in men, while breast, colorectal, lung, cervical, and thyroid cancer are the most common among womenOral cancers are one of the most common cancers among men and women in India.

Cancer Awareness

In simple words, cancer is a disease that starts in one part or organ of the body due to numerous known/unknown reasons when cells start to grow abnormally and start invading other organs. Cancer is also known by the names: Neoplasm or Malignant tumor.

Early warning signals can be in the form of Changes in the Bowel or bladder habits, Any new lump anywhere, Unusual bleeding or discharge ,Non healing ulcer, Change in voice, Difficulty in swallowing, Uncontrolled cough ,changes in the moles, Un explained loss of weight or fever or Anemia etc

You can never predict what can happen but you can always follow precautionary measures and stay aware of the changes in your body.

  • Full- Body checkups or Screening tests: One of the major ways to detect anything early to get regular full-body health checkups or specific screening tests like Mammography for Breast cancer, PAP smear for Cervical cancer, Chest imaging for lung cancer, Sigmoidoscopy for colon cancer and blood tests like S. PSA. for Prostate cancer etc.
  • Vaccination: Vaccines should be taken as per the guidelines. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine helps prevent most cervical cancers and several other kinds of cancer. HBV vaccine protects from Liver cancers.
  • Stay Active: This would help you not only in reducing risk of cancer, but prevent other lifestyle related diseases too. A morning walk and regular exercise help in keeping the body weight within the acceptable range. You should also try to limit the amount of fatty foods in diet , completely avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption..

Cancer Treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is a holistic approach that involves multiple specialties. Specialists in their particular field make sure that a patient diagnosed with cancer has the access to all treatment requisites and also support them mentally. A grave disease like cancer takes a great toll on anyone’s body and mind too.

At MGCHRI, we have experts in Surgical OncologyMedical Oncology, HematoncologyRadiation Oncology, Pathology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Pain and Palliative care, Dentistry and also Medical physicists, Radiotherapy technologists, Physiotherapist, Dietician and Oncology nurses etc. With an amazing team, we are working together in fighting back and towards making people healthy and better.

Dr murali krishna voonna

Written by
Dr. Murali Krishna Voonna,
Managing Director & Chief Surgical Oncologist,
Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Visakhapatnam