You might have heard that sugar causes Cancer or makes it grow faster. In some ways it makes sense. Every cell in our body uses blood sugar for energy. The Glucose your cells need comes from your diet. Sugars found in fruit (fructose), vegetables (glucose), diary products (lactose).

What would happen if you cut out these foods?  Would that slow cancer or stop it from forming in the first place? So far, there’s not much proof that a low sugar or low carb diet lowers your chance of cancer. A recent study suggests that sugar and sweetened drinks may rise the chances of cancer 70%or more. They are simple carbohydrates.



Cancer is a dangerous disease where normal cells grow out of control and damage the normal tissues. Cancer cells forms tumours, there are two types INTRODUCTIONof tumours

  1. Malignant tumours – spread to every part of the body
  2. Benign tumours – stay in only one place

There are many causes of Cancer life style problems are one of them. They are diabetes, obesity, nutrient deficiencies, smoking, drinking alcohol and mental toxins are also the main causes.

“Cancel cells feeds on carbohydrates”

Mostly 60% of our calorie intake are from carbohydrates. Cancer cells feeds on these carbohydrates for their energy and further proliferation. So, normal cells lack carbohydrates for their energy.  So most of the cancer patients become lean due to more weight loss.


Effects of simple and complex carbohydrates on cancer cells:

Simple carbohydrates have high glycaemic index. Glycaemic index is the ability of a carbohydrate food to increase the glucose levels in the blood. Simple carbs are quickly and easily utilized by the body because of their simple chemical structure. Simple carbohydrates contains lots of sugar which can support the cancer cells metabolism. Insulin secretion, not only increases the uptake of glucose by the Kansas but also support the growth of Cancer cells.

Examples: Honey, milk, Apple, sugar etc..

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates have low glycaemic index. It provides energy for the longer time. It prevents the growth of Cancer cells.

Examples: Quinoa, Brown rice, oats, peas, kidney beans etc..


As per European standards of parental and enteral and nutrition, 60% of our calories should meet from carbohydrates that is 30 to kg body weight is recommended. 1.5 – 2gm of protein/ kg body weight is recommended. In some cases 2.5 grams of protein is also given. 30 grams of fat per day.

EICOSA pentanoic acid – the Saviour

Eicosa pentanoic acid is the long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is mostly present in fish, it promotes weight gain. So, it is recommended to cancer patients as there is more weight loss in them.  As per ESPEN 2gm/day of EPA is recommended to cancer patients. Sources:  Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Tuna, Salmon


We should slow down the simple carbohydrates and instead of them we should give Complex carbohydrates to the cancer patients. EPA should be given as per guidelines.


Sugary & Simple Carb-loaded Foods May Aggravate Cancer