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Why MGCH & RI ?

We provide an evidence based, high quality and focused cancer care
Our strengths are cutting edge technology & skilled human resources
We enhance the quality and value of our patient care throughout the cancer care cycle.
We focus on patient- and family-centered care and customize all aspects of treatment—physiological, psychological and pastoral—to meet the needs of individual patients and respect their personal preferences, values, and beliefs
We treat those we serve with empathy, sensitivity and honesty upholding trust and confidentiality
We engage and educate our local community in aspects of prevention, screening and care
We conduct internationally recognized cancer research and promote the translation of basic research discoveries into new strategies to prevent, diagnose, monitor and cure cancer. Our research reflects the highest standards of integrity including accurately collected, precisely analyzed, and honestly reported data
Our involvement in various clinical trials will assist the development of new treatments and bring benefit to patients as quickly as possible.
We train a new generation of cancer researchers and cancer clinician scientists.
Our centre consistently meets all targets for quality and performance