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Survivour Testimonials

testimonials-MGSurviving cancer is a great feat which is brought about by the use of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and various other treatment procedures which are available in the modern medical environment.

Listed below are some of the cancer survival testimonials which have been patients

(Some of the names have been changed to protect privacy)

Patient 01
“When i was first diagnosed with breast cancer, my world had collapsed on me. I thought it was the end and i had no hope left in anything. Then i had the oppourtunity to meet Dr Murali krishna, who put me on course of cancer treatments using various therapies which yielded fruit and gave the best results for me. This phase was extremely demanding on me emotionally and physically and led me almost to the point of depression. But the trained support specialists at MG Cancer hospital helped me recover from from illness both mentally and physically and guided me through every step of the treatment and recovery phase. I am grateful to MG Cancer Hospital to let me live my life again and enjoy it back to the fullest.”

I underwent a series of treatments which including chemo and radiation therapies. These therapies were carefully administered and managed based on body capacity to handle the various types of drugs which are injected into the system. We havve achieved amazng sucess through our treatments in specialized cancer treatments. These cancer treatments were suprisngly pain free and offered me no side effects.

Every type of cancer treatment has helped me to manage my life in a better manner and make the most of it. At every step, the team at MG cancer hospital made me feel totally secure and safe and helped me to manage every aspect of my cancer treatment in a postive manner.

Patient 01 Family Member
“When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, i felt the ground slip under me. I was doubtful if we could ever survive this ordeal. But the effecient staff at MG Cancer Hospital helped us go through all the treatment phases smoothly and helped us recover from the breast cancer ordeal rapidly and without much of suffering. We are always thankful to the staff at MG Cancer hospital for their unfliniching support and dedication in supporting us during every step during the treatment process.”

Patient 02
“I never knew testicular cancer could be so painful and fraught with suffering. When i went for a examination at MG Cancer Hospital, the doctors and staff made me feel at home and provided me with a comfortable environment where i could relax and give them complete details of my problem. They then drew up a treatment plan which helped me to slowly but steadily recover from my testicular cancer. I was total apprahensive about the various cancer treatment plans which might be offered and doubted them before entering the treatment phase. But MG Hospital has proven that cancer treatment can be less painful and can heal even the most difficult to cure cancers when approached in the right manner and process. “

After exploring various types of treatment options, we finally settled on MG cancer hospital to provide us with the right kind of treatment which was required. We are grateful to the staff at MG Cancer hospital in providing us with the finest treatment capabilities which include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and various other services which were so helpfull in making me reciver and make me feel better. Every aspect of my treatment was managed with great care and effeciency which helped us walk through the treatment process carefully and with confidence. We would recomend MG Cancer Hospital to any cancer survivor or cancer patient who needs the best therapy.

Initially, i had a slight pain in the testicular mass in the body. This started hurting me to a great extent and made me so uncomfortable and made me rush to a local specialist who provided various treatment options which were available at our website. This holistic approach to treat varous types of cancers is what make us special and unique.

I would highly recomend MG Cancer Hospital to anybody who requires quality cancer care and wants to be rid of the big C.

Patient’s Wife
“The very thought that my husband was suffering from cancer was heartbreaking, but we saw a ray of hope in MG Cancer Hospital. Right from the time we enetered the hospital to the time of completion of treatment, every one of the staff at every level was extremely supportive and helped us pull through the cancer treatment in an effective manner. We are really grateful to the entire staff at MG Cancer Hospital who have brought back smiles into our lives.”

Patient 03
After being diagnosed with Melonoma cancer and going through various tests which were conducted to determine the exact cause of the cancer. We finally approached MG Cancer Hospital, the doctors made a detailed examination of the various aspects of the cancer and prepared a detailed document plan which highlighted the various aspects of the treatment.This treatment plan was rigourously followed and omplemented righd own the least item, this gave me and my husabnd the confidence and hope that we would complete the treatment safely and finish the treatment at the earliest. MG Hospitals has given us everything, right from the best facilities to the finest skilled doctors who managed the various aspects of treatment and their implementation. We would certainly recomend MG Cancer Hospital to anyone for any type of cancer treatment.

At MG Cancer Hospital, we undertsand that melonoma is a rare disease which affects a very small percentage of the population. This is caused by asbestos particles which float in the air. It has always been one most difficult cancers to treat due to its rapid spread and severe effect. Our faith in MG Cancer Hospital we well rewarded when i was complete cured of this dreaded cancer thanks to a combination of advanced chemotherapy and radioation treatments. This has helped me recover from melonama cancers which other cancer centers wrote off as untreatable.

Patient’s Family
After going through a immensly troublesome phase of getting the cancer diagnosis done and prepraring for Melonama treatment, we were referred to the specialists at MG Cancer Hospital who took us under their wings so to speak and built up a detailed treatment plan which could be achieved in a limited time frame and on a budget. This gave us immense confidence in MG Cancer Hospital as we hail from a weak economic background and they provided us with all the support which we required on every front for our pre and post treatment. Their approach to treatment and the care they have shown towards us during the process has been extraordinary and we are really touched by all the support which they gave us.

Patient’s Friend
I was in a total state of shock, when i heard that my friend had been diagnosed with Melonama. But we found great strength in the fact that MG hospital had drawn up a comprahensive plan to provide treatment for my friend on various levels to help him recover from the deadly cancer. It was a great gift to see him recover from the cancer and start leading a normal life again and mingle amongst us.

Patient 05
MG Cancer hospital has developed various types of treatment therapy which are effect the treatment quality of the patient. We are very happy to come to MG Cancer hospital and got our treatment at various clinics which was simple and cost effective.

MG Cancer hospital has offered us the finest treatment which we have come to expect from a hospital of their standard.