We respect your privacy and strive to achieve the highest standards in privacy and security. We collect the following information from you.

  • The domain name of Internet Access to collect information from where you are visiting the site.
  • The date and time of your visit to our site and the type of site access.
  • The number of pages you have visited and the list of pages as required.
  • The Internet address of the Web site from which you have accessed our site.
  • Information on the web browser which you are using for browsing the internet.

No information is collected for tracing personal identity and any type of personally identifiable information is not collected or stored by us.

We use cookies to store and manage your information on our website. This could include login information, user credentials or page visits. Our cookies are also used to trace and track internet browsing trends which are required by us to identify particular types of user preferences on our website. None of this information would be shared with any third parties at any particular time.

Personal Information:
No Personal Information is required to browse our website. You will need to give your personal information only when you want to register for any particular type of service or a particular user sign in page. This personal information is not sold or disclosed to any type of third parties except in cases of law enforcement and other related causes which are mandated by the government.

Privacy policy changes:
This policy is subject to change at any point of time and would be done with due notice to website visitors. We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy at any point of time as required.

Third party sites:
We have given links to many third party sites which are available for providing information. We are not responsible for the privacy terms and services which are required or maintained by those websites at any point of time.