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Oct2019: MGBMTCON2019 – Conference On Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Grand Inauguration of #MGBMTCON2019 – the Academic conference on “Introducing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation”. Our Managing Director Dr. Murali Voonna, Prof. Lalit Kumar from AIIMS, Dr. Vikram Mathews from CMC, Dr. Ch Lakshmana Rao from APMC, Dr. Rakesh Reddy and Dr. Chandrasekhar Bendi graced the occasion.

The academic conference #MGBMTCON2019 is kick-started by Prof. Lalit Kumar of AIIMS who took the audience through the ‘Journey of transplant scenario in the treatment landscape of blood disorders in Indian context’.

Prof. Vikram Mathews from CMC, enlightened the audience on ‘Curative option for non-cancerous blood disorders like Thalassemia, Aplastic Anemia’.

Dr. Anant Gokarn from TMC detailed the challenges unique to Allogeneic HSCT at #MGBMTCON2019 conference.

Dr. Rakesh Reddy discussed the intricacies of ‘Autologous HSCT’ and challenges related to this procedure in the forenoon of the day-long conference #MGBMTCON2019.

Dr. Sunil Bhat from Narayana Health spoke about the ‘Unique challenges in undertaking HSCT in children’ at #MGBMTCON2019 organized by Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital in Visakhapatnam on 20-OCT-19.

Dr. Sharat Damodar from Narayana Health, Bengaluru, enlightened the audience on Various complications while doing HSCT, some obvious and some very unexpected with some real life example cases at the #MGBMTCON2019.

A panel of experts on HSCT Dr Madan Mohan of Vizag Hematology Center, Dr Chandrasekhar Bendi, Dr Pavan Kumar & Dr Varun Bafna were moderated by Dr Sunil Bhat in an extensive interactive discussion on Challenges in setting up and running a HSCT in resource-limited setting at #MGBMTCON2019 organised by Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital on 20-OCT-2019 in Visakhapatnam.

The Co-founder of the DATRI foundation, that helps coordinate stem cell donation and registering, Mr. Raghu Rajagopal and spoke about the need, importance, and challenges in registering blood stem cell donors in the Indian context and various statistical facts related to blood stem cell donation in India. It also explained the scene of Blood Stem Cell Donation in India and the basic need of obtaining voluntary donors for the fatal blood disorders including Leukemia and Thalassemia.