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Nov2018: Brave Hearts Meet 2018

On the occasion of ChildernsDay, Shreya Cancer Foundation & Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital take pride in celebrating BRAVEHEARTS' spirit and resilience in conquering cancer.

Grand Inauguration of BRAVEHEARTS' Meet 2018:

Chief guest Sri P.Basanth Kumar, Metropolitan Commissioner VMRDA, our Managing Director Dr. Murali Voonna, Medical Director Dr.V Sitaramaswamy and Medical Oncologist Dr. Rakesh Reddy inaugurated BRAVEHEARTS' Meet 2018.

BRAVEHEARTS' celebrating life with energetic dance moves to the latest movie songs and thus Giving Hope to us all.

BRAVEHEARTS' with some of their caregivers showing victory sign by raising their fingers and in turn raising awareness on Childhood Cancer and on Cancer in general at today's celebratory event on ChildrensDay.

Various entertainment activities like Mimicry, Magic, Actors Imitation, Theme-Dance, Classical Dance and Juggling performed during the BRAVEHEARTS' Meet 2018 event.

A glimpse of BRAVEHEARTS-Meet-2018 in a 5-Minute capsule with Highlights - a fun-filled and vibrant Celebration of Life with our young survivors to uplift their spirits and raise awareness on ChildhoodCancer on 14-Nov-2018, Watch Here:

showing victory sign by raising their fingers