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July2019: MGONCOCON2019 – Live Robotic Surgery Workshop

Formal Inauguration of #MGONCOCON2019 – Live Robotic Surgery Workshop with the wishes and blessings of mentors, seniors & teachers, Dr. T. Subramanyeshwar Rao, Dr. S.P. SomaShekhar & Dr. Ch. Subba Rao. On this occasion, Dr. Murali Voonna, Managing Director has offered surgeons of this region the opportunity to get trained & then use the Robotic Surgical System at our facility.

Following the Inauguration, a highly interactive & informative discussion on best practices in “Robotic Surgery in Urology” by best minds in Robotic Surgery and Urology over a live ‘Robotic Nephrectomy’ by Dr. Ananthakrishnan Sivaraman, Urologist & Robotic Surgeon of Chennai Urology & Robotics Institute.

Following the Live Surgery, detailed discussions & presentations on ‘Robotics In Urology’ by Dr. Gagan Prakash, ‘Targeted Therapy in Renal Cell Carcinoma’ by Dr. B. Rakesh Reddy & a video presentation on ‘Radical Prostatectomy’ by Dr.Ananthakrishnan Sivaraman on the Day-1 of #MGONCOCON2019 – Live Robotic Surgery Workshop.

After the interactive sessions, an in-depth interactive discussion on various surgical methods and options by experienced surgeons during a LIVE Robotic Surgery of ‘Robotic Esophagectomy’ by Robotic Surgeons & Surgical Oncologists, Dr. S.P. SomaShekhar and Dr. M.P.S. Chandra Kalyan (Matha Kalyan).

Dr. Karthik Chandra Vallam moderated a panel discussion with quite a few interesting questions on ‘Multi-Modality Management of Esophageal Cancers’ to the experienced Oncologists of all the modalities and the Gastroenterologist on a panel. At the end of the session, everyone in the audience felt better informed.

Towards the end of the first day interactive #MGONCOCON2019 workshop sessions, Dr. S.P. SomaShekhar & Dr. Prasanth Penumadu, discussed the incremental merits of ‘Robotic Surgery’ when compared to ‘Laparoscopic Surgery’ over video demonstrations of their surgical experiences.

The Day-2 of #MGONCOCON2019 workshop got initiated with a demonstration & LIVE Surgery of ‘Robotic Anterior Resection’ by senior Robotic Surgeon, Dr. S.P. SomaShekhar. Lively interaction between senior surgeons in the audience at the conference and the operating surgeon enriched the session for the whole audience.

Following the Live Surgery, Dr. Karthik Chandra Vallam discussed the importance of ‘CRS and HIPEC in GI Cancers’ during the 2nd day of Live Robotic Surgery Workshop, #MGONCOCON2019.

Dr. Praveen Kammar moderated a panel discussion on ‘Management of Colorectal Metastasis & Personalized Treatment of Colorectal Cancers’, in addition to many other important points.. The panel also discussed comparative merits/demerits of Ablation(RFA) and surgical options at the Live Robotic Surgery Workshop of #MGONCOCON2019.

Concluding the very highly interactive workshop and conference, Dr. Karthik Chandra Vallam shared the experience of the ‘First 100+ Robotic Surgeries’ at Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, experiences of being an early adopter and pioneer in the minimally invasive robotic surgery in this region.