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Job Profile –Nursing Supervisors

Qualification: – GNM/B.Sc/M.Sc Nursing

Experience: – 5-8 years

Areas of Expertise:

1. Provides direct nursing care for specified patients, including appropriate supportive care and, blood components, fluid and electrolyte replacements, and other oncology treatments as prescribed.
2. Perform nursing assessments and triage of patient care needs for new and ongoing patients.
3. Provides education to patients, families, and significant others; acts as an information resource to students, health care professionals, patients, and the public.
4. Provides family support as required, including applicable referrals and bereavement counseling.
5. Follows established departmental policies, procedures, and objectives, continuous quality improvement objectives, and safety, environmental, and/or infection control standards.
6. May train and guide other nursing and support staff engaged in clinical activities are adequately preparing new staff for the workplace.
7. To be responsible and train staff for Biomedical Waste management.
8. To train, Monitor, participate and contribute to departmental quality initiatives.To follow rounds with consultants note down and implement instructions.
9. Taking care of all equipments like equipments like ventilator, defibrillator, Humidifier, Cardiac monitor, infusion pumps Oxygen flow meter and vacuum suction is functioning properly
10. Accountable for assessing, Planning, Implementing and evaluating a plan of care for specific patients.
11. To be aware of departments performance and objectives.
12. Responsible for the running and supervision of a nursing department.
13. Control subsidiary departments, such as Housekeeping and Lenin.
14. Ensure that the nursing staff members are providing the best care for patients
15. Ensure that individual nurses and nurses aides are carrying out care plans and ensures that communication between shifts happens smoothly and thoroughly.
16. Monitors stock and supplies to make sure that nurses have the equipment they need to provide quality care
17. Design training programs and make sure that nursing instructors and trainers are adequately preparing new staff for the workplace
18. Hearing an evaluation of new nurses from the floor staff during the training period.
19. Responsible for the well-being of patients at the facility
20. To monitor nurses care and the attitude and health of the patients
21. In cases where the family requests alternate care, the nursing superintendent must hear the request and make the final decision.
22. Responsible for setting the work schedules for the entire department.
23. A nurse, nurse’s aide, or other staff member is involved in a dispute, she must handle disciplinary actions
24. Responsible for directing the activities of the Housekeeping, Linen, and kitchen facilities
25. Responsible for the supply of equipment and medical necessities.
26. Any other responsibility assigned by management from time to time.