International Patients

International Patients

MG Cancer Hospital offers various services for international patients who wish to avail of our medical services. These medical services are of the highest standard yet affordable when compared to their home country. We make every effort to ensure that our international patients are comfortable and feel at home in our hospital.

Some of the specialized services which we offer for international patients at MG Cancer Hospital include:

  • Airport Transfer
  • Scheduling of Medical Appointments
  • Admission coordination
  • Hotel or apartment booking
  • Language translators
  • Specific dietary conditions
  • Forex Management
  • Information communication to relatives and loved ones of the patients

We ensure that patients have a minimal waiting time at our hospital. This ensures that international patients do not have to wait for treatment and are able to avail of our world class facilities without any waiting period. Our hospital ensures that all our international patients are treated in a comfortable and professional manner.

This ensures that they feel at home and are comfortable with the treatment which is being offered to them. Our trained specialists are extremely helpful in offering the best treatment for all our patients through a careful diagnosis of patient symptoms and conditions which are required for a perfect treatment package.

We treat international patients using the latest advances in medicine and use advanced techniques which are available for managing quality patient care. These advances in medical technology are passed on directly to our patients and help them in getting the best treatment at all times.

Our international patient treatment is designed for efficient patient treatment and high quality of service which every patient expects from MG Cancer Hospital. At MG Cancer Hospital, we take great pride in serving our patients with the best possible care at all times. We are backed with innovation, skill and ingenuity and total dedication which helps us go beyond the normal boundaries of standard treatment and deliver a extraordinary patient experience.