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How to Help

howtohelp-mgMG Cancer Hospital is constantly expanding to provide the finest services at all times for its patients. It takes a large amount of resources to accomplish this task and we rely on the helping hands of many individuals and philanthropists who provide various contributions to help expand and run our hospital on a daily basis.

You can now make a difference in MG Cancer Hospital by contributing various donations and helping cancer patients to get the best treatment and care which is possible. MG Cancer Hospital is rapidly expanding and seeks support and assistance from various sources to continue its good work and offer quality patient care for all its patients.

You can contact us on how to lend us a helping hand for our noble cause and make a difference in the life of every patient.

Our efforts to secure funding and expansion of the hospital is dependent on the noble contributions of various donors who help us expand and integrate quality services into our hospital.

Helping cancer patients achieve the best treatment is the goal of our cancer hospital at all times. We have spared no effort in maximizing our contributions towards patient treatment and achieving the best patient comforts in our hospital.

MGCH & RI is a specialized institution with a specific focus on patient care which is specialized and unique. The patient care we provide is the finest when compared to any other hospital for cancer treatment.

You can contribute in the following manner by lending a help hand to let us provide quality patient support services which are required by every cancer patient. The following options are available for contributing to our hospital.

Make a Gift
You can make a gift using various methods and options. You could either contribute through cash or kind and help us expand our services. Our make a gift option is provided to help you quickly contribute and enhance your contribution to help us serve our patients better.

Support a Patient
You can contribute through your philanthropy and help support a patient on various levels. You can support the entire treatment or at least partially support the treatment of a particular patient who has been admitted in MGCH & RI. This would be a invaluable gift to contribute and enhance the well being of patients on all fronts irrespective of their financial background.

Sponsor Patient Care
You can support and sponsor patient care within the hospital for chosen patients. This support of specific patients goes a long way in ensuring that every patient gets some form of support from various sponsors to help them manage their care and reduce their expenditure.

Donations and Contributions
We accept donations and contributions in various forms. These donations and contributions are the corner stone of our effort in managing and expanding the services of MG Cancer Hospital. Every type of donation or contribution is always welcome as we belive that the struggle to make MG Cancer Hospital is a never ending one which must be pursued relentlessly.

You can contribute in various methods which include cheques, drafts or online payments through credit card. All your information is kept totally secure and is viewed in total privacy by the donor. We use the latest technology to encrypt and protect your personel information to ensure that every detail which you enter in our site is totally confidential and enables you to contribute with confidence. We accept all major national and international credit cards for payments which are prcocessed through our secured payment gateway.

We take utmost care to ensure that your patient privacy is protected at all times. This ensures that even the most secure environment which is available for donors. Our attention to managing crtical aspects of the hospital’s charity and gives the hospital the true value. At MG Cancer Hospital, we value every type of gift which we recieve towards the development of the hospital. Gifts can be given in various forms which include cash and kind. We accept cheques, demand drafts, credit cards . You can use credit cards through our online portal, these transactions are processed using a secure portal which enables totally secure processing of credit card information online.

At MGCH & RI, we take every effort to ensure that each contribution you make is utilized effectively and is lends itself to the upliftment of the hospital. MGCH & RI is a rapidly growing cancer treatment center which is totally focussed on wordl class patient care at an Indian Price Point. This approach helps us reach out to so many patients who are unable to afford and manage to pay for their treatment. We believe that these actions would go a long way in establishing the bond of trust which we build with our patients during the course of their treatment.

We offer the following types of donation methods for our Hospital and Charitable Trust

Online through the use of secure portal with SSL encryption for credit cards
Mail in donations for cheques and drafts which are drawn on MG Cancer Hospital and Research Institute.
We also organize specific donation drives which are conducted when we promote MG Cancer Hospital in various avenues which help us generate massive contributions for the upliftment of our hospital.
Our cancer hospital also offers various types of volenteer services which are available for people who want to dedicate their time and effort towards serving cancer patients. Our volunteer services are available for interested volunteers who are willing to contribute and manage various aspects of patient care in supervision with specific nursing staff and doctors who are able manage the needs and demands of various patients who suffer from different types of cancer.

Every aspect of charity for MG Cancer hospital is monitored and accounted for to ensure total transparency in all operations. We ensure that you as a donor feel totally secure in donating and helping the hospital achieve the best results for patients. We make great efforts to ensure that every activity of improving the hospital is communicated to our donors through e- newsletters and bulletins. MG Cancer Hospital is one of the foremost hospitals to effectively manage and handled all types of radiation therapy in an effective manner and provide cost effective treatment for patients on all fronts. We also have various options which protect the privacy of the donor and help them to annonymous if they wish. Our various donations options include donations in cash and in kind which are helpful for us to expand our suite of services for patients.

We request all wlling donors to extend their complete co-operation for MG Cancer Hospital in providing the best services for our patients as your helping hands help us build the hospital.