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Nov2018: Brave Hearts Meet 2018

On the occasion of ChildernsDay, Shreya Cancer Foundation & Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital take pride in celebrating BRAVEHEARTS' spirit and resilience in conquering cancer.

Grand Inauguration of BRAVEHEARTS' Meet 2018:

Chief guest Sri P.Basanth Kumar, Metropolitan Commissioner VMRDA, our Managing Director Dr. Murali Voonna, Medical Director Dr.V Sitaramaswamy and Medical Oncologist Dr. Rakesh Reddy inaugurated BRAVEHEARTS' Meet 2018.

BRAVEHEARTS' celebrating life with energetic dance moves to the latest movie songs and thus Giving Hope to us all.

BRAVEHEARTS' with some of their caregivers showing victory sign by raising their fingers and in turn raising awareness on Childhood Cancer and on Cancer in general at today's celebratory event on ChildrensDay.

Various entertainment activities like Mimicry, Magic, Actors Imitation, Theme-Dance, Classical Dance and Juggling performed during the BRAVEHEARTS' Meet 2018 event.

A glimpse of BRAVEHEARTS-Meet-2018 in a 5-Minute capsule with Highlights - a fun-filled and vibrant Celebration of Life with our young survivors to uplift their spirits and raise awareness on ChildhoodCancer on 14-Nov-2018, Watch Here:

showing victory sign by raising their fingers

Nov2018: Brave Hearts Meet 2018 Event

The little fighters conquer their future by showing indomitable courage to overcome cancer. These #BRAVEHEARTS inspire all of us. On the occasion of #ChildernsDay, Shreya Cancer Foundation & Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital take pride in celebrating BRAVEHEARTS’ spirit and resilience in conquering cancer. #MGCHRI #CancerHospital #CancerCare

Brave Hearts Meet 2018 - Childhood Cancer Awareness

Nov2018: Free Cancer Screening Camp at Bobbili

Excellent response to the free Cancer-Screening camp held in Bobbili on November 1st. The camp was organized in association with Rotary Club Of Bobbili Tigers, Nightingale Women Welfare Club, and a few other organizations.

Honorable coal and mining minister(A.P) Shri.Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao Garu, Bobbili counselor Shri. Puvvala Srinivas Garu, Bobbili Municipal chairperson Mrs. Atchutavalli Garu, Chaitanya medical center’s Chief pathologist Dr.Rama Koteswar Rao Garu, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute‘s Medical Director Dr. V. Sita Rama Swamy Garu were the guests at the event.

Sep2018: ‘World Rose Day’ Event Organized By MGCHRI

On the occasion of ‘World Rose Day’, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital has organized an event to raise hope and optimism among cancer survivors at the hospital, in which actress Jia Sharma has joined. Having a cancer survivor in her family, she has turned emotional while spending time, distributing Roses & Fruits to the child-survivors and encouraging all to be optimistic while dealing with cancer.

Sep2018: CME on Gynaec Oncology & Robotic Surgery Workshop

Grand Inauguration of #GynaecOncology & #RoboticSurgery_Workshop at Visakhapatnam. Our chief guest Dr. G. Ramakrishnam Raju MD DGO, FIMSA, FICOG graced the occasion, along with Conference Organising Chairman Dr Murali Krishna Voonna and organizing Secretary Dr. Karthik Chandra Vallam.

Dr. M. P. S. Chandra Kalyan, Consultant Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon from Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, kicked off the CME on Gynaec Oncology & Robotic Surgery Workshop, with a talk on Robotic Surgical System and its role and importance in Gynaecology.

Chief Surgical Oncologist & Managing Director of Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Dr. Murali Krishna Voonna addressed the gathering on Secondary Cytoreduction and HIPEC in the Management of Ovarian Cancers‘.

Dr. Jyoti Doki, Gynaec-Oncologist from Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, addressed the importance of Prevention & Early Detection of Gynaec Malignancies‘.

Dr. B. Rakesh Reddy, Medical & Hemato Oncologist of Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, addressed the gathering on Recent Advances in Systemic Treatment of Gynecologic Malignancies.

Dr. K. C. Patro, Chief Radiation Oncologist of Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, showcased the ‘Recent Advances of Radiotherapy in Cervical & Endometrial Cancer Management’. 

Panel Discussion on Gynaecological Cancers towards the end of the morning academic session on Gynaec Oncology & Robotic Surgery Workshop.

We have organized the ‘Live Robotic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer’ by Dr. Karthik Chandra Vallam as part of CME on  Gynaec Oncology &  Robotic Surgery Workshop. For Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, it is another FIRST in the state to live demonstrate a ROBOTIC surgery. It was the ultimate(literally & figuratively) session of the day full of academic sessions.

Sep2018: Free Cancer Screening Camp at YMCA

We have organized a cancer awareness talk and free cancer screening camp at ‘Symphony‘, YMCA hall, Beach road, VISAKHAPATNAM. Our cancer specialists Dr. Murali Krishna Voonna, Dr. Jyoti Doki, and Dr. Venkata Krishna Reddy have addressed the gathering. #Cancer#ScreeningCamp #MGCHRI #CancerHospital #CancerCare

Aug2018: Independence Day Celebrations at MGCHRI

Happy 72nd Independence Day!
Celebrated it by unfurling the tricolor in the drizzle among a large gathering in the hospital premises. Medical Director Dr. Sitarama Swamy graced the occasion, wished the best to all on Independence Day and congratulated on various achievements and recognitions received by the hospital in the past one year. COO Dr. Annie Thakore stressed the importance of staff participating lot more towards even greater service to the patients and larger growth of self, the organization and the country at large.

July2018: NTR-Vaidya Seva Trust Award 2018

We are happy and proud to announce that Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital has been recognized by NTR-Vaidya Seva Trust & Government of Andhra Pradesh for being the BEST in the state in providing exceptional services and quality care in Radiotherapy.

The Department of Radiation Oncology at our hospital humbly commits to rededicate ourselves to the service of cancer survivors and strive even harder to continue to be the BEST performing radiation-oncology specialty in the state. #Awards #RadiationOncology #MGCHRI #CancerHospital


July2018: Cancer Screening Camp at Makkuva

We have organized a cancer screening camp at Makkuva, Vizianagaram District in association with local health program officer Mr. Hari Prasad & Local PMP doctors on Friday, 6-July-2018. Dr. Ch. Pavan Kumar, Dr. Lydia and team screened about 100 persons. #EarlyDetection #CancerScreeningCamp #MGCHRI #CancerHospital #CancerCare 

June2018: Cancer Screening Camp at Kella Village

We have organized a Cancer Screening Camp at Kella Village of Gurla Mandal in association with Kella village Mr. K. Suryanarayana MPTC and Local Sarpanch on Friday, 08-June-2018. Together with Dr. Ch. Pavan Kumar,  DR.V.Subhadra & team undertook the cancer screening procedure.