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Cancer Survivours

survivors-MGOur cancer suvivor stories are given below to highlight the contribution of various indivijuals who have contributed their might in healing cancer for patients. These cancer survivor stories represent the challenges faced by the patients and our efforts to overcome them.

Story 01
Mr Ramesh(Named changed for privacy), was suffering from prostrate cancer. He had been diagnosed at a late stage of the cancer. Various types of treatments and suggestions were given at various hospitals for helping him recover from the disease. Finally, after reaching MG Cancer Hospital, we were able to chart out a comprehensive treatment plan which enabled us to provide the best treatment procedures which helped us provide a comprehensive treatment plan which is highly specialized and his helped Mr Ramesh recover to a certain extent from his cancer and lead a normal life. I had lost hope that I would be treated for this cancer and had given up hope on life. My visit to MG Cancer Hospital was a revelation for me as it opened up new avenues for the treatment of this deadly cancer.

Once we came into the hospital, we were attended by a team of specialists who took down all our medical details and provided us a specialized therapist who would handle all our treatment needs. We then went through a battery of tests which were run which included MRI and other types of scanning requirements like CT scans. Their skilled team of doctors analysed the various information in the reports and drew up comprehensive treatment plan which was required for analysing and treating the cancer. The doctors first performed chemotherapy and radiation therapy which was required to help manage the treatment process, the cancer progressively showed signs of healing and this was the most positive sign of the entire treatment process.

Once the treatment cycle was complete, I was considerably weakened but I was able to feel the difference which the treatment process which was devised by MGCH & RI, this treatment process was uniquely designed for me and helped me overcome my fear of cancer and also reduce the suffering which is associated with it. I am really grateful to MG Cancer Hospital for giving me a new lease of life and helping me get treated for my disease in such a professional and compassionate manner.

Story 02
Dr Rao(Named changed for privacy), was suffering from thyroid cancer. After repeated visits to various doctors and speciality cancer clinics, he was unable to get the right kind of treatment which was required. They approached MG Cancer Hospital and we were able to provide them with a comprehensive treatment therapy which was designed to help them reduce the cancer. This included a surgical operation to reduce the size of tumour within the body.

Our visit to MG Cancer Hospital was nothing short of a miracle which came into our lives. The moment we stepped into the hospital, we were warmly greeted by the team of doctors and specialists who gave us the re-assurance that we would get effective treatment for any type of cancer. They then charted out a clear plan for my treatment on various levels and this was a lifesaver for me. Various aspects of the treatment were handled effectively by various types of skilled technicians who managed the various tests effectively.

Using an advanced combination of chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy sessions which lasted for 6 weeks, we were able to bring the cancer under control and this helped us manage the various aspects of the cancer treatment. Our team of trained doctors handled the entire process perfectly without glitch and this helped me achieve a quick recovery from the cancer. This recovery was nothing short of a miracle and was pulled off by MG Cancer Hospital.

Story 03
I was 23 years old when I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. The news shook my entire life and it made me halt and rethink everything I was doing. I began trying for various treatments which helped me gain a little bit of ground, but I was unable to recover completely from the effects of the cancer. I then went to MGCH & RI, where my cancer was analysed and treated with the highest level of efficiency

I had thought my entire youth and adulthood had been just snatched away from me. The team at MGCH & RI was extremely helpful and helped the members of our family to adjust in the hospital environment while undergoing cancer therapy

The team at MGCH & RI has helped me remain positive and go through the entire experience in a positive manner. They have used the latest treatment techniques and this has helped me recover from the ravages of cancer and live a normal life again. Cancer treatment is a specialized field of medicine which requires various treatments which are highly specialized and ground breaking in their approach. I am really grateful for MG Cancer Hospital to provide me a new lease of life and help me live my life in a better manner.

Story 04
Cancer is a dreadful disease. It deeply affects a person psychologically and physically and creates a very deep impact on their life and on the lives of people around them. I was diagnosed with lung cancer due to my habit of excessive smoking, initial symptoms went unnoticed and I neglected them during the normal course of daily life. After a detailed screening which occurred when I went for a regular check-up, I was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer.

This cancer had spread into various parts of the lung and many doctors I visited had given up hope. I then visited MGCH & RI and a team of expert doctors then started analysing my condition and began evaluations for my specific treatment plan. Various types of treatment options were used which enabled me to recover from this stage of cancer and lead a normal life. I was put on various types of treatment which included chemotherapy which had extended sessions which were spread over a two month period. All the staff were very supportive at MGCH & RI and this helped me regain my confidence in their treatment and gave me a new lease of living. During these sessions the staff at MGCH & RI also helped me to keep my mental strength intact, by providing me counselling and various other forms of mental relaxation to help me regain my confidence and mental strength.

I am extremely happy at the treatment standards which MG Cancer Hospital has followed and this has helped me achieve the best cancer treatment I have ever found anywhere. MGCH & RI has given me a new lease of life which has helped me change my perspective of living life with cancer. This has helped me grow into a stronger person and face all the challenges which I have had to overcome in my cancer treatment.

Story 05
MG Cancer Hospital has helped me beat my bone cancer in an effective manner using advanced radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Ever since my diagnosis, i was emotionally devasted and this made me seek support in the staff of MG Cancer Hospital who guided me through every aspect of the cancer treatment and made me feel very positive and comfortable on all aspects of the treatment process. MG Cancer Hospital has been my greatest boon and this has helped me overcome the dreaded cancer which was eating into my system. MG Cancer Hospital offers highly specialized treatment services which are available at reasonable costs and I was able to get my treatment performed to perfection at MGCH & RI.

MG Cancer Hospital offers highly specialized treatment services which are available at reasonable costs and I was able to get my treatment performed to perfection at MGCH & RI. My bone cancer was considered incurable until I came to MGCH & RI and the doctors gave me a through examination of the various aspects of my medical condition. They performed various tests which were required to analyse the cancer and its spread within the body. These tests helped the skilled doctors formulate a detailed treatment plan which was devised based on my condition and cancer stage.

After a detailed round of tests, we started on the chemotherapy and then went on to radiation therapy. This helped me overcome most of the cancer’s growth and we used advanced chemotherapy which was designed for treating this kind of cancer with any side effects of the medication. I would extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff at MGCH & RI who have co-operated and helped me become cancer free, I would highly recommend MG Cancer Hospital to anybody who has cancer and wants a definite source of treatment.

Story 06
I was 38 when I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. It was a stage II cancer which was growing rapidly, I had been to many doctors but with no avail who were unable to reduce the size of the tumour and stop its growth.

I finally approached MGCH & RI which provided me with the right type of care for treating my breast cancer. I was put through various stages of chemotherapy and radiation therapy which was very beneficial for me and helped my cancer to stop growing. This made it shrink and helped me ease the pain of the cancer. I had a team of expert physicians at MG Cancer Hospital who diagnosed the cancer and provided the right kind of treatment and therapy which was essential for managing the cancer and ensuring its treatment.

Every one of MGCH & RI’s staff have been very supportive and have helped me overcome every aspect of the treatment in a unique and sympathetic manner. Though I went through various stages of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I was able to avoid a majority of the side effects which are normally associated with the occurrence of radiation therapy and this helped me overcome the pain of cancer while reducing the pain associated with the treatment.

Our experience at MG Cancer Hospital was totally beyond our expectations. Right from the moment we stepped into the hospital to the time we were discharged, every step of our treatment was handled by experts who managed the entire treatment process in a effective manner. I am glad we found the support of MG Cancer Hospital at the right time and it has helped me recover from the dreaded disease.

Story 07
I was 35 years old when I was diagnosed with a tumour in my spinal cord area. At first, it started as a simple pain which was occurring in the lower back. I ignored it and it progressively got worse over the days. I finally went for a check-up and was asked to undergo an immediate CT scan of the entire backbone. This scan revealed a small tumour which was present in the lower backbone and affecting the spinal cord.

This tumour had not spread to other parts of the body and therefore the doctors at MGCH & RI were able to diagnose and manage the tumour locally by using radiation and chemotherapy as required. Though the radiation therapy had its side effects, I was able to overcome them with minimal effort and manage the treatment in an effective manner. This treatment made the tumour slowly shrink in size and over the course of the treatment it was destroyed. The doctors took great care in ensuring that the tumour did not spread to other parts of the body and this was done by using powerful medication. At every step of the treatment process, the doctor’s were guiding me in an expert manner and providing me detailed information on what type of treatment I was going to take at various times. This information made me extremely positive and helped me regain my confidence and gave me the will to survive and push forward with the treatment. I never expected to be able to survive the cancer at any point of time and MGCH & RI has given me the hope and strength to fight the battle against cancer and win it. The team of doctors and nurses at MGCH & RI made it a point to make me as comfortable as possible while delivering the best experience during the treatment process.

Story 08
Cancer is a dreadful disease. This was proved in my case when I was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 40. After a heavy bout of cough and cold which left me totally weak, my doctor suggested a complete scan of the lungs to isolate and rule out any possible problems. It was then that I was detected with lung cancer which was in its second stage in my body.

A growth and swelling had formed within my lung which had grown into a tumour and was slowly affecting my ability to breathe. I consulted many doctors, but none of them were able to give any specific opinion on the treatment process for the cancer. I then heard of MGCH & RI through a friend and this prompted me to approach them for their specialized cancer treatments which are available.

We then visited the hospital and got a consultation with a specific doctor who was available for us. We were guided through various tests which helped the doctors get a clear idea of what the cancer was like. This helped them plan a treatment plan which enabled them to treat and cure the tumour which was present in the body using advanced methods of radiation and chemotherapy.

Once the treatment process was complete, there were minimal side effects and this helped me recover quickly and begin my regular lifestyle at the earliest. The presence of cancer changed the way I looked at life and made me quit smoking completely and helped me manage my life in a more positive and effective manner. Thanks to all the staff present at MGCH & RI, I was able to stage a complete recovery from my cancer and become healthy again.

They have proved that various types of cancers are curable when the right treatment regimen is followed and this has given us hope and also hope to many patients who are suffering from cancer.