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Dec2017: Free Cancer Screening Camp at Jonnavalasa

We have organised a Free Cancer Screening Camp in the village  Jonnavalasa (Viziangaram district) in association with a voluntary organisation ABCD on Saturday, 02-DEC-2017


Free Cancer Screnning

20171201-02- Investigation

20171201-03-Jonnalavalasa Camp Registration

20171202-04 jonnalavalasa Inauguaration

Nov-2017: At GIMSR — CME on oncology

Organised CME seminars on ‘Advances in Oncology’ and ‘Radiation oncology’ by Dr Murali Krishna Voonna and Dr Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya at Gitam Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre, today!

Oncology, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Robotic Surgery

Dr Murali Krishna Voonna explaining the recent advances in Oncology

Robotic Surgery, Advanced Radiotherapy

Audience at GIMSR keenly listening to the experts Dr Murali Krishna Voonna and Dr parathasarathi Bhattacharyya

Radiation Oncology, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Radiotherapy

Dr Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya delivering a speech on Radiation Oncology

NOV2017- Cancer Screening Camp at Kurupam and Bobbili

Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital has conducted Cancer Screening Camps at Kurupam on Tuesday 31-OCT-17 for which there was good response and identified quite a few cancer cases, which would otherwise be not detected until the disease becomes chronic. We also have conducted similar camp in Bobbili on Wednesday 01-Nov-17 for which there was tremendous response.

A few items of media coverage on these events here.

OCT2017 – Happy Deepavali! An Example of ‘Giving Hope, Celebrating Life’.

Giving Hope & Celebrating Life‘ is our MOTTO !!!


Deepavali celebrates the victory of good over evil. It also marks transition from bad times to good times. For this little warrior, this is a very significant Diwali in the real sense. We had operated on him for cancer and he is now undergoing chemotherapy and celebrating Diwali in the hospital premises. He is a fiery spirit and tough to restrain. May God bless him with cure and a long life.

A little Warrior on cancer celebrating Life

A little Warrior of cancer, celebrating Life

A Little warriors fighting spirit gives HOPE to many

Little warrior’s fighting spirit gives HOPE to many


May2017- Clean drinking Water facility inauguration

Sri Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu, Honorable MLA of Visakha-East, on 31-May, has inaugurated RO-Treated clean drinking water facility in MVP Colony for public use, setup by our hospital as part of Corporate-Social-Responsibility. Hospital has taken the responsibility of maintenance of this facility as well.

May2017 – Mobile Bus ‘Screening On Wheels’ Inaugurated by Minister Sri Nara Lokesh

Honorable minister for Rural-Development, IT and Panchayatraj Sri Nara Lokesh, on 06-May, inaugurated our hospital’s ‘Screening on Wheels’, a mobile bus equipped with facilities to detect Cancer and other NCDs EARLY.

Minister was highly impressed with the variety and extent of screening equipment provided in the vehicle targeted specifically to provide access to rural areas which are least connected to modern health facilities.

Sri Lokesh has shown particular interest in tele-consultation facility (incidentally he also has an animated discussion with Dr Kalyan present in his Chamber at hospital through video).

The main focus areas of the Screening-vehicle are Technology and Rural-health. Both being very close to his heart and his ministries, Sri Lokesh was pretty impressed with and congratulated our hospital and MD Dr Murali Krishna Voonna for the initiative.

APR2017 – OP Facility in Sambalpur (Odisha)

We are happy to announce the initiation of OP-Facility in SAMBALPUR (Odisha) beginning 08-APR-2017, every 2nd Saturdays, for the benefit of needy in and near the Sambalpur town

2017-04-05 Sambalpur Hoarding

MAR2017 – Gallium-68 PSMA and DOTATOC PET Scan Imaging

‘Gallium 68 PSMA’ and ‘Gallium 68 DOTATOC’ PET/CT Examinations

We at Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute are happy to bring the following state-of-the-art molecules for PET SCAN imaging for the first time in the state of Andhra Pradesh

PSMA-PET1) Gallium 68 PSMA (68Ga-PSMA):

  • PSMA stands for Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen
  • In PSMA scan we use a peptide molecule that bonds to PSMA receptor and Tag it to a radio-active Gallium 68 atom.
  • It is a very sensitive and specific molecule that is useful for Prostatic adenocarcinoma
  • PSMA PET scan can be useful for
    • Staging,
    • Recurrence assessment,
    • Localization of tumors,
    • Radiation planning and
    • Response assessment of Prostate cancer.

2) Gallium 68 DOTATOC(68Ga-DOTATOC):

  • DOTATOC stands for DOTA- a Chelator and Tyrosine Octreotide which is a peptide molecule.
  • DOTATOC bonds to somatostatin receptors in the body and on tumors. DOTATOC is tagged to radioactive Gallium-68 atom.
  • It is very sensitive and highly specific for neuroendocrine tumors like Carcinoids
  • Useful for Staging, Recurrence assessment, localization of tumors, Radiation planning and Response assessment of neuroendocrine origin including
    • Carcinoid tumors,
    • Meningiomas,
    • Medullary Carcinoma Thyroid,
    • Pheochromocytoma, Paraganglioma,
    • Glomus tumors
    • Gastrinomas
    • Insulinomas (Gallium68 Exendin)
    • Identification of Tumor induced osteomalacia (FGF 23 secreting tumors)


Mar2017 – Cancer OP Facility in Vizianagaram

We are organising OP-Facility in VIZIANAGARAM beginning 04-Mar-2017, every 1st and 3rd Saturdays, for the benefit of needy in and near the VZM town.

organising OP-Facility in VIZIANAGRAM beginning 04-Mar-2017, every 1st and 3rd Saturdays, for the benefit of needy in and near the VZM town

Feb2017 – Proud to become UICC member

Proud to become a full member of UICC UICC_MASTER_BYLINE_RGB adopts targeted approach to reduce world-cancer-burden through activities shaped by World-Cancer-Declaration.
Member of UICC