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MAR2017 – Gallium-68 PSMA and DOTATOC PET Scan Imaging

‘Gallium 68 PSMA’ and ‘Gallium 68 DOTATOC’ PET/CT Examinations

We at Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute are happy to bring the following state-of-the-art molecules for PET SCAN imaging for the first time in the state of Andhra Pradesh

PSMA-PET1) Gallium 68 PSMA (68Ga-PSMA):

  • PSMA stands for Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen
  • In PSMA scan we use a peptide molecule that bonds to PSMA receptor and Tag it to a radio-active Gallium 68 atom.
  • It is a very sensitive and specific molecule that is useful for Prostatic adenocarcinoma
  • PSMA PET scan can be useful for
    • Staging,
    • Recurrence assessment,
    • Localization of tumors,
    • Radiation planning and
    • Response assessment of Prostate cancer.

2) Gallium 68 DOTATOC(68Ga-DOTATOC):

  • DOTATOC stands for DOTA- a Chelator and Tyrosine Octreotide which is a peptide molecule.
  • DOTATOC bonds to somatostatin receptors in the body and on tumors. DOTATOC is tagged to radioactive Gallium-68 atom.
  • It is very sensitive and highly specific for neuroendocrine tumors like Carcinoids
  • Useful for Staging, Recurrence assessment, localization of tumors, Radiation planning and Response assessment of neuroendocrine origin including
    • Carcinoid tumors,
    • Meningiomas,
    • Medullary Carcinoma Thyroid,
    • Pheochromocytoma, Paraganglioma,
    • Glomus tumors
    • Gastrinomas
    • Insulinomas (Gallium68 Exendin)
    • Identification of Tumor induced osteomalacia (FGF 23 secreting tumors)